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150,000 Square Foot Commercial Building, Downtown Seattle
The client, an out of state financial company, had foreclosed the building.  As a result of this ownership change, management lacked useful information about the tenants.  The tenant lease files contained numerous conflicting and unclear amendments and other documentation.  Working from slim data Jeff created a complete stacking plan for the building including lease expiration dates, location within the building and correct current rent. The information enabled client to resell the building within a relatively short time.

International Real Estate Investor
At the time Jeff became involved in the business numerous discrepancies existed in various inter-company accounts between the Seattle office and an overseas office and a number of subsidiary Holding Companies.  Jeff researched and resolved the discrepancies, leading to considerable improvement in the company's financial position.

For some time this company filed extensions on up to 26 tax returns, and transmitted K-1 forms to investors late. Jeff set up system to  manage the year end process, so that the CPA received information on a timely basis. This enabled timely filing of tax returns and transmittal of K-1's investors.

Regional Real Estate Investor
Sound Numbers provided vital information and systems support in bringing a new accounting system on line. This included formulating accounting policy, writing procedures and training staff in following those procedure.  We also developed renovation construction cost control systems to keep multiple apartment building renovations on budget.  This cost tracking system flowed directly into the spreadsheets supporting the bank draw requests. 

Sound Numbers
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