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Jeff Thomas, owner of Sound Numbers, brings energy and passion to projects that require detailed research, number-crunching analysis and communication to the project’s stakeholders.  He organizes financial information with problem solving as the clear goal.

He prefers team building solutions and likes to train non-accountant business unit managers and administrators in sound financial operations.

Jeff's career began in on-site apartment management.  Since that time he has held positions as consultant, controller, property manager, asset manager, accountant, and business analyst. 

His employers and clients have included third-party property management companies; regional, national, and international real estate investment firms, restaurants, construction contractors, manufacturers and a telecommunications company.

Jeff is also a free-lance writer.  A number of his articles have been published on the internet, please see the links on the last page of this website.  He is currently looking for a literary agent to represent a recently completed novel. 

Jeff Thomas graduated from Washington State University with a BA in English/Education.  He later obtained a certificate in accounting and business management.  Additional course work has included technical writing, employment law, various computer courses, property and asset management, tax accounting and marketing.

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