Sound Numbers
Financial Information Management

Jeff Thomas founded Sound Numbers to provide high level accounting and financial management to small businesses and start-ups.  Sound Numbers also provides help to larger organizations on a temporary basis to fill in gaps for special projects or during times of high demand. We have particular experience in the multi-family and commercial real estate industries, including construction, renovation and development.

Consulting and Operations

  Sound Numbers provides expertise in the following areas.
Sound Numbers combines accounting and communications to assemble operating and construction budgets that maintain the profitability of your project.
With our background in accounting, education, and communication we can offer training and support in financial management to non-accountants. We keep your team pulling together to meet company goals.
Cost Control
Cost control lies at the heart of a successful project.  Sound Numbers has developed methods of tracking costs in real time and providing project managers with the financial information they need to stay on track.
Financial Reporting
Sound Numbers assembles financial information in easily accessible formats tailored to the needs of your stakeholders.
Policy and Procedure
The success of your company depends on meeting your goals. Achieving those goals depends on well written policies and procedures. We can help you implement systems that guide you to your goals.
Sound Numbers
Mill Creek, WA 98012

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